While we both love cooking ,attended culinary school and worked as professional chefs, neither of us would claim the respected title of “chef” when describing ourselves these days; in our book, that belongs to the professionals cooking every day. 

But we do still have many of the same characteristics as chefs: entrepreneurial spirit, creative energy, taking care of others through cooking, and a love of food, always. And yes, we like having a checklist and all of our prep ready to go. Which is why Mise En Place is the perfect name for what we’re doing.

We have a combined 15 years in the public relations field, have worked both as the media and with the media, and have represented everyone from startups to James Beard nominated chefs. What excites us most these days? Helping people refine their vision and get going on their paths to success. We want to help others tell their best story and create their show-stopping dish.

So come join us in the kitchen and we’ll help you get all your ingredients together for your own delicious recipe.


Becky's Recipe

Earliest childhood memory is cooking eggs in her mother's kitchen

Ate only hot dogs from the age of four to five

Attended Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine (in no small part because it has the best college food in America, as selected by US News & World Report)

Although a very proud New York native, regrets not having pimento cheese and scratch-made biscuits in her life from an earlier age

Ran a New York based catering and compound butter com


Can still be found in the home kitchen cooking for t

aste testers Frances aka Pickle

(Harlem born rescue dog) and Seymour (Q-Tip obsessed rescu

e cat)